How the SMME Growth Summit  began

In April 2020, E42moro (Pty) Ltd and Bantu Art and Development Foundation are launching SMME Growth, a registered trademark. As a trademark, SMME Growth represents various initiatives targeted at boosting the economically fundamental SMME business sector.
As a business event, the SMME Growth Summit uses a holistic approach to SMME growth. This strategy enables the SMME Growth Summit created to be the prime small business and investment summit. Initially to be launched in the Eastern Cape. This summit is the first to focus exclusively and comprehensively on issues affecting the growth of SMME’s.

Subsequent summits will, from 2021, expand and include other provinces, in recognition of the needs of the South African economy as a whole.

How the SMME Growth Summit works

The SMME Growth uses a five facet approach to holistic industry growth, which includes:

1. Dream@e : A free 30 minute slots for pre-selected SMME’s to pitch their ideas to venture funding firms and incubators. As such, through this element, the SMME Growth summit, provides an opportunity for SMME’s and innovators to obtain investment and development.

2. SMME Growth Imbizo : A 45 min sessions for SMME’s to engage with big business and government departments on their current and previous year’s opportunities and spending priorities. Delegates in the SMME Growth Imbizo will gain the advantage of knowing what their market and customers are planning. This knowledge and insight of the market will in enable these SMMEs to prepare strategic and operational plans of their own.

3. SMME Growth Seminars : Financial and Tax management seminars provided during the summit, at no charge. These sessions are intended to boost financial literacy and business reporting in SMMEs.

4. SMME Growth Exhibitions : A free visitor access, business networking, and exhibitor marketing platform. The SMME Growth Exhibition space is a platform where business hopefuls, SMME’s and big businesses can interact. The exhibitions enable participants to learn, network and leverage information for growth.

5. SMME Growth Coaches : A free 30min coaching session based on a 60 – 90 second brief of each entrepreneurs key growth issues. SMME Growth Coach sessions aim at enhancing each entrepreneurs prospects through guidance for scaling, expanding or pivoting as needed. All unsuccessful and interested Dream@e entrants, as well as new entrants seeking to participate in these sessions, are entitled to do so.

How the SMME Growth Summit is unique

  1. A structured partnership between the public and private sector
  2. An initiative based on industry needs
  3. A Post event, corporate social investment program “SMME Growth Training Initiative”.
  4. Direct and sustainable job creation from investments
  5. Free accredited online and instructor-led skills development