About SMME Growth Coach Sessions

SMME Growth Coaches conduct one-on-one sessions for entrepreneurs to explore their ideas, open up their thinking and be challenged.

Not all businesses and ideas will qualify for funding and mentorship. Therefore some of these businesses will benefit greatly from professional business coaches who can help refine ideas or provide guidance for existing issues. As a result, SMME Growth Coaches are an integral part of the SMME Growth Summit.

Admission for SMME Growth Coach Sessions

  1. 80% of sessions are allocated, prior to the SMME Growth Summit
  2. Admission is based on an confirmed booking reference
  3. Automatic entry – For businesses who fail to meet the final set of entrepreneurs in Dream@e
  4. Applied Entry – SMME’s and Individuals who specifically wish to make use of growth coaches will receive this free 30min coaching slot
  5. Walk-ins are to be admitted on a first come, first serve basis